TDCJ Offender Locator

The prisoners’ info in Texas such as the parole release date is open to all public. The state has a law allowing everyone to have the right access with any info regarding the prisoners. There are many ways you can obtain the info. Make sure you have the right kind of details to access them. How can you get the info of any Texas offender?image

First, you should know either the info below:

  1. Birth date of the perpetrator
  2. The offender’s Texas Department of Criminal Justice number.
  3. The State Identification Number (SID)


  1. Visit first the website of TDCJ and there you can find a TDCJ Inmate Locator tool. You can use it to collect the information you desired. The information might feature the TDCJ number, setting of the perpetrator, convicted place, criminal offender records and the suggested release date.
  2. Information regarding the parole release date may be given on the telephone. You possibly can contact two hotlines. Basically choose if you should call the Offender Locator/General Information Line or the Offender Parole Status Line. The second one, you need to have the offender’s State Identification Number or go with the TDCJ number. With the first one, knowing the precise birth date can be sufficient for them in the event you don’t figure out the SID and TDCJ.
  3. Email can also be another form of TDCJ inmate lookup. Basically email them through classify@tdcj.state.tx. Ensure you give the person’s name, TDCJ number along with the birthday of the prisoner. Approximate age and conviction country is usually approved.
  4. Huntsville in Texas has also the data about the area of prisoner and release date status. Basically call the number (512) 406-5202. For the overview of parole situation, you could telephone the Board of Pardons and Paroles in Huntsville. The telephone number is (936) 291-2106.

Just visit now TDCJ website for easy and convenient way to look for information you want.

Online Locator of US Post Office

People should know where is a nearby post office in their location. This is for their convenience anytime they want to send or receive a letter and package. You will also find out immediately about “Will the post office be open to?” for the holidays of post office. If you want to know which is the closest one, you can use their website. They have a service locator where you can use to find all the post office branches in your place with their contact info. Just follow the steps below:image 1
1. You need to look at to start with the USPS “Service Locator” web page.
2.From the page, you have to pick the “Post Office Locations” selection you may see inside the “What are you looking for?” drop-down text box.
3. So next, you will have to type your home address within the field supplied found underneath the “Near what location?” at the heading of the page. You could also have to input the zip code whenever you are planning to search for a local post office department of your own place.
4. And then, click on the “Search” symbol. Hang on for the number of post office divisions along with its place to appear on the page. Just after seconds, you can now access what branches are close to your local area.
5. You’ll be able to press the name of the postal office you have decided to call. There’ll be phone numbers to appear below the address and the telephone numbers in the right area. You will also find out if post office closed today or open.
6. Just contact any phone number you can track down outlined. For people with a difficulty in hearing, call the phone number which is among the “TTY Service”.
7. Make sure you are phoning the postal office when they are open. The business hours depend actually on the area and you will notice that info whenever you go through the post office available.
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WVRJA Staffs Key of Success

West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility has employed staffs that are capable of dealing with the inmates. This is another key of success to the running of establishment in the rehabilitation of the prisoners. You can find programs and activities in their website and other WVRJA information. So what makes the staffs competitive in this place?image 3

  1. Orientation and trainings received. With the safety in the institution, the security staffs are oriented and properly trained that each prisoner contains the probability to present hazard to everyone. The medical staffs are qualified to see all inmates as patience and not prisoners while in the place. They need to recognize within the group who have mental issues that may be hazardous with other criminals. Most of them are prepared the fact that first ways to come is the safety and security of the enforced processes inside the correctional jail.
  2.  Common professional respect. This is among the best elements of success you could find in WVRJA. It is because each staff has professional respect amongst each other in doing their part within. This is the footing for a good communication and trainings when it comes to dealing with the prisoners. They need to be always completely ready and attentive to notice every prisoner who may require medical help promptly. Observation is conducted from the security officer and after that corresponded to the medical team for therapy. You can get info about prisoners at WVRJA offender search link.
  3. Good communication and cooperation. The cooperation regarding the staff throughout the regional jail is because of the best communication they possess. All of them need to communicate regarding their observation in the prisoners they are appointed. Medical staffs have to be sensitive for the requirements of the security if they have determined a person who poses a threat to others.

Find out more info of WV Regional Jail & Correctional Facility Authority in their website at