Features of 88sears.com

All employees have their benefits given in the respected company depending on the qualification. Some benefits are given with the requirements of the period of time the employee work on the company. For Sears employees, you can get information about the benefits offered when you login into the online sears employee website. The website is open to all employees, managers and partners of the company.

How to Login on Sears Website?

Step 1:  You need to enter in your browser the website to login, www.88sears.com.

Step 2: Look for the link Enrol Option and press it.

Step 3: Enter your user ID and password on the respected fields provided.

Step 4: Click the Login button and you will be redirected on your account.


The Features You will See On Your Account

  • Compensation. You can claim your compensation from the company immediately on the Sears website if you are among the employees who have done well on the job.
  • HR Contacts. In case you need something from the HR, you can view the contact information on the website.
  • Handbook. You may as well look at the handbook in the company for you to download in PDF form.
  •  W-2 Form. You may fill in this form online. This is for your retirement or pension plan.
  •  Personal Updates. You can even enhance your personal information online including contact details or address just in case you adjusted.
  • Online Resources and Trainings. In case you are fresh personnel in the company, you may see correct coaching tools from the website. The components could be employ both online and offline.
  •  Online Assistance. As a part of the business, you can get online assistance for those who have some concerns regarding your condition within the company or regarding the good things about get.

You can view these services and benefits once you have your own sears 88 login details.

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