How to Setup an Account with Gmail?

Almost everyone has their own Gmail account. For 40 countries in different languages, Gmail users are now up to millions. Even though they offer free service but the satisfaction they offer to people though the features can never be replaced. One would be the Gdocs which is very helpful to companies in their business. To enjoy these features, create your own account now by following the list of steps in this blog:

1. Just go to and check out the webpage “Create an Account”. You will find yourself redirected to the registration page.
2. And once you are on the application page, insert your first name and last name. Additionally, you will enter the desired username on your account. This can be your email address. It must be customized absolutely no two members are permitted to have the similar email.
3. Type also your specified password to your account. It ought to be sufficiently strong considering that Gmail will rate it. How? Simply click on the “Password Strength” to determine the potency of your password. Gmail won’t allow fragile passwords.
4. Decide on your gender, key in your date of birth and there is an option if you would like key in also your mobile number. You should also key in your different email, assuming you have one. It’s really useful when you did not remember your password. The optional email you put is the one that will be emails when you want to reset your password.
5. Type in also the validation code which is referred to as captcha. This is an anti-spam characteristic.
6. Check out the “Terms of Service” based on Google. If you decide to agree and would like to work with their program tick “I agree”.

After the last steps, you will be welcomed. In there, you can login to Gmail and enjoy your first email sending experience.

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