Application Method for Child Support in Florida

Divorce can be a hard part for children. Parents being separated can really be sad. If you have the custody of your children, you can apply for a child support Florida. How? Here are the ways:image1

  1. Simply go to the website of Florida Department of Revenue to see the application and information about child support. Fill in the application online. It’s essential to also print the application in which you need to sign it and send to the address.
  2. Opt for the “full service” on the correct box located on the cover page. The full service of Florida is required in calculating the child support to look for the parents of this child, if separated.
  3. You must give the children’s name as well as the parents of every child in the application.
  4. You will need to print the form. Make sure that you have more copies on the parent and Child Information Pages. This is exactly if there are several children that is required the support of more than one parents. It is easy to print the page by simply pressing the “Print” image.
  5. You also have to include your own private details which include name, mobile phone number, and id detail. Only enter the information of your manager if you are the parent’s child.
  6. Make certain you sign the page together with the date.
  7. You shouldn’t neglect the court order of the legal process in child support, the contract between the parent and also the other one together with the parent’s paternity. Should the child is not birthed in Florida State, add the certificate of a birth of the child stating he or she is born outside of the state.
  8. Send the form and also the documents stated earlier on the Florida Child Support Office. For those who don’t know, post it to the Florida Department of Revenue.

You can track the child support payments you receive at the My Florida County website. Only if you create an account.