Obtaining CorrLinks Program Account for Inmates

It is inevitable that visitation will lessen as time goes by because of the busy schedule of your loved ones. If they cannot visit you in prison, you can communicate with them using email. CorrLinks prison email program offers the service for you with only the minimum service fee offered. How?image 2

The Registration Process for Obtaining CorrLinks Account

  1. Those who only given an invitation email can register on the program using the identification code.
  2. If you are given, you can start the registration by going to their website. Once on the homepage just click Register and then New Users link.
  3. You need a valid email address to enter in the field provided. You will also be asked to create your own password for security purposes and then enter the Identification code given to you.
  4. You have completed the registration. You will be asked to wait for 30 minutes for approval and then you can now use your account.

How to Send and Receive Emails from CorrLinks Program?

  1. If you want to add a Prison inmate ID in your address book you have to get the inmate number.
  2. If you have the inmate number already, you can add the Federal inmate on the address book with the verification of the Identification code.
  3. After you are done, you can now start the email process by going to the Mailbox and then New Message. You can now correspond with your loved one inside the prison anytime.
  4. In case you want to setup a message alert for your CorrLinks account. Just look for the Account Management and then go to ‘Manage my inmate list”. All you need is tick off the “Email Alert” and then you can now receive emails whenever you have message in CorrsLink program.

Visit www.corrlinks.com login page now so you can start with managing your own account.