Online Locator of US Post Office

People should know where is a nearby post office in their location. This is for their convenience anytime they want to send or receive a letter and package. You will also find out immediately about “Will the post office be open to?” for the holidays of post office. If you want to know which is the closest one, you can use their website. They have a service locator where you can use to find all the post office branches in your place with their contact info. Just follow the steps below:image 1
1. You need to look at to start with the USPS “Service Locator” web page.
2.From the page, you have to pick the “Post Office Locations” selection you may see inside the “What are you looking for?” drop-down text box.
3. So next, you will have to type your home address within the field supplied found underneath the “Near what location?” at the heading of the page. You could also have to input the zip code whenever you are planning to search for a local post office department of your own place.
4. And then, click on the “Search” symbol. Hang on for the number of post office divisions along with its place to appear on the page. Just after seconds, you can now access what branches are close to your local area.
5. You’ll be able to press the name of the postal office you have decided to call. There’ll be phone numbers to appear below the address and the telephone numbers in the right area. You will also find out if post office closed today or open.
6. Just contact any phone number you can track down outlined. For people with a difficulty in hearing, call the phone number which is among the “TTY Service”.
7. Make sure you are phoning the postal office when they are open. The business hours depend actually on the area and you will notice that info whenever you go through the post office available.
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