Various Scottrade Accounts to Choose

Scottrade is a discounted online trading company that offers clients the different types of account. Traders and investors have the chance to select what account that would fit to them. Most of the accounts presented can be opened online and some may require physical requirements. Go to Scottrade login site to know more.  All the accounts have minimum deposit of $500 but still investors and traders have the option to fund it later. Choose an account type that satisfies your needs. If you want to know each account, the best to do is to research all of them. In this article, you get to know each brokerage account. You can also visit

Standard Accounts

This account involves the individual and joint. The minimum opening deposit is about $500 and if with margin is about $2000. On joint account, there is a maximum of three people. Most investors select this type of account.

Retirement Accounts

You can find several retirement account (IRA) in Scottrade available to clients. It has also a minimum of $500 as initial deposit for opening an account. This account does not have setup, inactivity, termination and maintenance fees each year. Each type of retirement account is different from tax and benefits.

Education Accounts

This account helps parents to save for the future of their children in terms of education. It also has a minimum $500 as initial deposit. There are two types for this account, the custodial and Coverdell Education Savings. This account can easily be managed and no setup, termination and annual fee.

Specialty Accounts

There are also different kinds for this account where a client can choose according to what is fit. Choosing a specialty account for you needs a legal advisor.

These are the various types of accounts offered by the company. Funding your account after you have chosen can be through deposit, electronic transfer or check.