The Beginning of Camera

As you can see now almost every people have their own digital camera. Most of us always took picture and post them on our social networking sites. Since the invention of camera, people like to take moments that to them are very important. Each month or year, cameras are getting better and better. As of the moment, digital cameras have the nice resolutions and even larger pixels. But do we know where the camera originated?

Brief History of Camera

It was long ago before the invention of camera was made, even further than the first introduction of the photography. Back to the ancient Chinese, they have developed the camera obscura with only a pinhole or now called lens to capture an image outside of its viewing surface. It was Roger Bacon, ascientist, who studied this concept about camera in year 1267. A mathematician on January 24, 1544 that Reiners Gemma Frisius, also known as an instrument maker, of Leuven University that used one of this lens to watch the solar eclipse. Before photography was invented, there was no way that people can save the images. On the year 1685, Johann Zahn invented the first portable and small camera that was built for photography. But only on year 1816 where the first successful photography was made by the camera that Nicephore Niepce created. The camera used a piece of paper that was coated of silver chloride which darkened where it was on light exposure. Over the years, they developed the camera of capturing image until Kodak and the birth of film begun on year 1885. Since then, camera become smaller and resolutions and pixels became higher.

Now people tasted the fruit of the invention of camera even if it was taken long years before it was perfected.

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